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buckeyepagans's Journal

Buckeye State Pagans
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Welcome to Buckeye State Pagans! This community is for Pagans, Heathens, Wiccans, Gnostics, and anyone else with an interest in this larger community of faiths. It's also for anyone living in Ohio, near Ohio, or having an interest anywhere around Ohio.

  1. If you're about to post just because you're upset at someone and you want to get back at them, don't bother. Debate is okay, and I understand there are times when debate gets rather heated. Deliberately flaming or stalking is not allowed. The community maintainers reserve the right to judge whether a comment or an entry is simply the result of a debate that got out of hand, or an attempt to drive away or otherwise harm another participant. The former will merit a warning. The latter will merit a 30-day suspension on the first offense.
  2. Those who violate the terms of their suspension(s) will be permanently banned. This includes violating terms of reinstatement, if any.
  3. This community has an open door policy. Please don't make us shut the door, either on you or on everyone else. If you don't like how things are going, let us know.
Have fun, and happy posting!

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