I was a teenage cultist (gothic_oreo) wrote in buckeyepagans,
I was a teenage cultist

Oh dear gods no!

I just got this as spam:


I just got off the phone with Giancarlo and he was telling me about his new book
about getting what (and who) you want with the power of Witchcraft.

Yes, I said Witchcraft.

But not the bad kind?a helpful, spiritual sort of thing.

Anyway, he told me about the amount of copies he was selling on a daily basis and
(after my jaw absolutely dropped) I was convinced we are in the
middle of a 'magic revolution'

He doesn?t know how long he can offer this book, so I wanted to make sure you had
your chance to read it before it?s gone, I am SURE you will love it :-)

Click here now.


Just what we need, pagan author spam!
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