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Wisteria Cornstalk Festival

Hello fellow Ohioans. I want to pass along some information to you about Wisteria Cornstalk Festival taking place in southwest Ohio July 30 - August 3. I've been to the land before, and it's a wonderful, amazing, and magickal place to be. The festival itself is shaping up to be quite wonderful.

Behind the cut is a press release from their website:

A Call for Wisteria Cornstalk Festival: A Magical Convergence of Spirit, Earth, Art, and Music (July 30 – August 3, 2008 at Wisteria in southern Ohio)

Wisteria Community is thrilled to announce this very musical gathering to our friends and Earth-loving folk of all beliefs. In celebration of buying our land last year, this year we are throwing our kind of party -- a music/arts festival blended with a sparkle of Earth Magic here in the green rolling hills of Appalachian Ohio.

Kan’nal, Jeff McBride, The Ragbirds, Owain Phyfe, Ghost Whisperer and more:

Kan’nal rarely (if ever) plays east of the Mississippi so their fans near here should be ecstatic. Jeff McBride is a world-class magician who takes illusion magic to an entirely different plane. The stories of the real "Ghost Whisperer" (Mary Ann Wincowski) have been dramatized by a Hollywood television series and she is consultant to the series. At Cornstalk, she’s going to tell us about her everyday experiences in working with earthbound spirits.

Thursday night is The Ragbirds from Michigan, a celtic world-beat band that can jam for 4 hours so settle in for a long evening of good vibes. The peak musical night is Friday: Owain Phyfe opens for Jeff McBride’s Magic show followed by Kan’nal, a high-energy tribal shamanic rock band from Colorado. Finally, the drummers will process to the Bonfire area with the community for an all-out community shindig bonfire scene where everybody can play, talk, sing, dance, hangout, just be together under the stars.

Saturday night is a flurry of multiple highlights: our adult dance party in the woods (Smashed Grape Bash) is hosted by Green Fairie Grove while a series of acts play Caffeina’s Stage until the wee hours. Meanwhile, a dawn-to-dusk intensely spiritual drum Alchemical Circle hosted by Jeff McBride, Abbi Spinner and their clan will glow at the Stone Circle.

Drumming is a big emphasis at Cornstalk. Jeff McBride honors the drumming community with his series of explanatory and experiential workshops. We will have all-out "party" Bonfire nights as well as smaller intense spiritual fires so there is something for everybody. Jeff McBride, Abbi Spinner, Michael Wall and crew are also hosting a series of drumming intensives so DRUMMING will be the heartbeat for the week.

Friends of Wisteria, please broadcast this call to all your networks that might be interested in coming to Cornstalk. Go to www.wisteria.org and click on the stage lights image to see the lineup. Alternatively, go directly at www.wisteria.org/cornstalk.htm

The festival is rapidly growing as folks are feeling joy in knowing this convergence is . . . well, converging. We are updating the website frequently so check often for more goodies and guests.

Thank you for listening to our excited rambling,

Your Friends at Wisteria.
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