scarlettwildfire (scarletwildfire) wrote in buckeyepagans,

I am looking for two things...

Anyone going to Siruis Rising at Brushwood this year?  It's in a week for those that don't know.  I'm always looking to meet new people.

Also, I am looking for pagans in NE Ohio... more specifically within 25 miles (or so) from Middlefield.  Don't laugh. :)  I just got hired at a company based in Middlefield and am attempting to look around the greater area for a place to live .  Except, like most of us pagan-y types, I need more than just a house... I need community.  some kinda of culture, and a coffeehouse.  So I was wondering if anything in the general vicinity qualifies in the slightest.  I have lived in and around Akron all my life and although I have already been doing it for 4 months, 50 miles is just too far to drive to work everyday.

Thanks for any info.
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