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Pagan / Occult Music

This will be cross-posted I’m sure...

I am looking for some good pagan-y music. Something that you might want to listen to if you are feeling particularly witchy and want to dance around in the moon light but can’t. That is the best way to describe it I think.

I was driving into work today and the moon blessed me with her fullness again, though the clouds were looming and trying to disrupt our love affair. As I hopped into my car I desired some fitting pagan music. Unfortunately the only music befitting this mood in my collection is two chant CDs, a Lorena McKennit CD, and a Celtic Christmas CD. The chant CDs are good and all but I’ve listened to them enough that I may just wing them out my window some day into the horizon. =D

I listen to Circle of Souls Pagan Radio at home on iTunes and absolutely love that station, but can never find the name of the artist of the songs I like because I’m too busy dancing around and enjoying the music. =D Then I don’t hear the songs again for a while.

So to make a short story long, what sort of ‘pagan-y’ music do YOU prefer?
I can only offer up Emerald Rose and Robert Gass, but still unsure if I would like to purchase them yet or not. =D

Thank you kindly.

Yep! This was cross-posted to celticpagans, pagan, and of course, my own journal.
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