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Finding Groups / Covens in your area

Has anyone else found it particularly difficult to find groups/covens in Ohio (specifically Cincinnati area)?
I have looked over the years and the only one remotely close enough would be the group that ocean_star created.

Even when I do find a group, I get very nervous about joining or attending the meetings because of whatever subconscious social issues I have. Then I wind up not going at all and I feel horrible about it.
I have had more negative interaction with like-minded people than good in the Cincinnati area so I find it hard to 'get over myself' and just go.

I guess I just keep hoping that I will cross paths with that one person who I will feel instantly comfortable with and will share with me all of the things and connections I am missing out on.

I think I just went of on a tanget.... Sorry. Hope that makes sense to someone. =)
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